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Porcelain Veneers

The application of porcelain veneers is an excellent method of dental restoration for teeth that are damaged by cavities, tooth decay or severe discoloration. At our professional dental clinic in Cambridge we are happy to help our patients transform their appearance and restore their confident ability to smile and speak without embarrassment because of an unsightly tooth.

If you have a tooth, or teeth, that cause you embarrassment and concern over your appearance, then perhaps you should call our state of the art dental office in Cambridge and make an appointment to discover your options for a complete dental restoration. Tooth veneers can be an affordable solution to a difficult situation and can really have an enormous impact upon your physical appearance, as well as a huge benefit for your self-confidence.

With porcelain veneers, you can feel more comfortable about your smile when you laugh or smile in front of people. Dental veneers can completely transform how your teeth look, changing an unattractive decayed or damaged tooth from ugly to lovely with a simple cosmetic dental procedure. After ascertaining the extent of your oral health care needs, your dentist can repair a crack or chip in your tooth with a dental porcelain inlay or porcelain onlay. Your dentist in Cambridge can apply his skills in Cosmetic Dentistry to re-shape the structure of your tooth with dental veneer, and can cover damaged areas with such complete success that many people find it difficult to detect the difference between a natural tooth and a porcelain veneer.

Tooth veneers made from dental porcelain are extremely durable, providing a strong, long-lasting restoration for damaged teeth. Not only can a tooth be repaired with the use of dental veneer, but the capability of shading the dental porcelain material allows your dentist to achieve a perfect color match for your natural teeth – far more aesthetically appealing than metal amalgam.
Talk to your dentist at Fresh Pond Dental about having the dental restoration procedure you’ve always wanted and let porcelain veneers transform your smile!

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