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Dental implants are an extremely effective method for restoring missing teeth in a way that is more secure and permanent than other prosthetic dental devices such as removable dentures and dental bridges. Your dentist in Cambridge can provide you with a thorough examination to evaluate your candidacy for tooth implants, and discuss the particulars of your specific treatment plan.

At our reputable dental center in Cambridge, we can provide patients with procedures that can restore or maintain a beautiful smile. We offer permanent restorative solutions for missing teeth , which can be  used by patients who find difficult to wear removable dentures, partial dentures or a bridge due to insufficient bone and gum structure. Implants provide a permanent foundation for overdentures, giving the wearer the benefits of both mastication capabilities and a more natural appearance.

You can find out more about our dental implants pricing when you visit our dental office in Cambridge. Each case is specific to your individual needs. Implant costs will be based upon whether one or more teeth need to be replaced, the condition of your gums and bone, and other specific considerations. The initial cost of implants at our dental clinic in Cambridge may be more than the cost of dentures, but implants also provide a permanent solution without the necessity of daily removal for cleaning and sleeping.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with our dental practice in Cambridge to find out if dental implants are the right solution for you.

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Following your implant surgery at Fresh Pond Dentistry in Cambridge, it is critical that you do not bite on the tooth that has been implanted. On occasion the healing abutment or cover screw may loosen or completely fall out; this will not affect your implant stability.

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Fresh Pond Dental did a fantastic job with my implant. The procedure was affordable (they had a special, I got it for $2499 all in) and my implant specialist was kind, caring and professional. I would recommend Fresh Pond Dental to anyone who needs an implant. My teeth look fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the results and the implant cost.
Alex Ig, Cambridge MA
If you are searching for an implant specialist check out Fresh Pond Dental. I have a dental phobia but my implant procedure was stress-free. I thought getting a dental implant would be painful but it wasn't. I paid out-of-pocket because I don't have dental insurance and the implant cost was inexpensive comparing to other office in Cambridge area.
Mike Eyns, Cambridge MA
Two thumbs up for Fresh Pond Dental and the awesome job Dr. Urban did with placing my two dental implants. It was fast, affordable and my implant teeth look very natural! I thought it would take a long time but it was over fast. I now have a full mouth of teeth, no gaps! Thanks!
Amanda Russell, Boston MA
We went to Fresh Pond Dental looking for an affordable implant as my grown son was missing a front tooth (sports trauma). The people there were so nice when I called for implant cost and free consultation. His implant was completed successfully and it was low-cost. I would recommend Fresh Pond for anyone needing an implant or any other procedure.
Jack Petersen, Medford MA
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