Bad Breath - Finding the Cause

by on June 3, 2013 in General Dentistry
Bad Breath - Finding the Cause

This is a very real problem for thousands of people. It can be caused by different things such as use of tobacco products, some medicines, diet, dry mouth, and less than adequate oral hygiene. However, often halitosis (medical term for bad breath) is a result of medical concerns that need further assistance such as diabetes, gum disease, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), and more. To treat bad breath, you must first identify the cause. 

Common Causes for Bad Breath

  1. Tobacco products including cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff are all causes halitosis. They dry out your mouth, reduce your sense of taste, irritate your gums, stain your teeth, and increase your chances of having gum disease and oral cancer. The next time you visit your local Cambridge dentist, ask about tips on quitting.
  2. Medicines such as antihistamines, sinus disorder drugs, and many others that dry out your mouth can also cause bad breath. Please check the symptoms on the label if you are taking medications.
  3. Dry mouth can also cause halitosis. Without adequate saliva circulating in your mouth, remnants of food and other germs will begin to rot, causing bad breath.
  4. Diet is another common cause of bad breath. Some foods you eat such as garlic, onions, and even acidic beverages like coffee and juices leave remnants in your mouth. 
  5. Oral hygiene is another common problem and cause of halitosis. Maintaining a healthy daily regiment using the proper oral cleaning equipment is important to eliminating bad breath.

If you have ruled out the above common causes or feel there is a larger concern for the presence of bad breath, some medical conditions may be at fault. For many like acute appendicitis, mouth cancer, and consistent bronchitis, bad breath is a symptom. Identifying the cause of halitosis can lead doctors to help diagnose and treat whatever condition you may be suffering from. There are many possible medical concerns, so we highly recommend visiting your dentist to discuss your options and get a proper diagnosis. 

Our dentists at Fresh Pond Dental  will be very happy to   answer all questions you might have.

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