Avoiding Infection with Proper Dental Procedures

by on July 7, 2017 in General Dentistry
Avoiding Infection with Proper Dental Procedures

When considering a dentist some people fail to consider the infection control practices the dentist offices use. Choosing a dentist that does not take cleaning and sterilizing equipment seriously can be a big mistake. Your dentist office should be a place where you can improve your oral health, not a place that makes you sick. Your local dentist in Cambridge offers a clean, safe environment where we help to improve your oral health. 

We Sterilize Everything!

When you are at Fresh Pond Dental Center in Cambridge, you will notice the hygienists and dentists wearing gloves and protective eyewear. You will notice face masks and lab coats or disposable gowns. These things may seem simple but we take every step possible to ensure our patients remain as healthy as possible. We sterilize everything from the equipment used in your mouth to the chair you sit in and the surrounding area. 

For a Lifetime of Good Oral Health

At our clinic in Cambridge, you will notice red containers where we dispose of infectious waste or sharp items that could puncture someone. To clean our dental instruments, we use an autoclave. This machine heat sterilizes every piece of our equipment to ensure each patient is safe and has no risk of contracting an illness or disease. Providing our patients with a clean, safe environment is the first step in the overall goal of a lifetime of good oral health. 

Choose Fresh Pond Dental in Cambridge

If you are searching for a family dentistry in Cambridge or cosmetic dentistry in Cambridge, stop in and see us at Fresh Pond dental in Cambridge. We would be happy to answer any questions. Before you decide on which dentist is the best for your family, remember that you can avoid infections with proper dental procedures. Make sure the dentist in Cambridge that you choose is one that believes in and practices optimal sterilization processes. 


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